Christian Louboutin replica shoes store open in Hong Kong

Alexis Mourot, the company’s chief operating officer and general manager, said sales of men make up 10% of Hong Kong and its business in China, still lags behind the rear command 24 percent of the men’s collection in the world.

But they hope that this is about to change, in Lan Street, Central store dedicated to men, opened last week. This is the city’s first men’s boutique of the brand, tapping into the fashion market is significantly more experimental, less conservative than their Western counterparts.

“For us, this is a relatively new category has a lot of potential,” Mourot said. “The main issue is to the right of distribution around the world, we have been very keen to choose the correct sales point.”

In Paris, we encountered a strange designer beside a cozy seating area, his street Jean – Jacques Rousseau’s office, showrooms and flagship stores. Although this is a cold September day, rain has been intermittent decline, there has been one day, his boutique in a line outside the shoppers. This is Fashion Week, and head to head Louboutin is juggling appointments for several days.

Those who have been talking to the designers know his effervescent personality. He had a quick wit and frequent and more obsessed with manicured gardens, ancient Egypt and Bollywood, than the big fashion magazine. In our interview, I was surprised to see that he was wearing a pair of dark leather shoes (“I usually do not wear sneakers,” he quips.), Instead of a pair of more exotic designs.

“I always design some special shoes man, but the first time I tried the appropriate collection is for the singer Mika, when he approached me to make shoes, his tour,” he says, how come in a range of men’s the about.

Christian Louboutin men's shoes being made in a Naples factory
Christian Louboutin men’s shoes being made in a Naples factory

Louboutin footwear may have changed into a mass superstition, but all the designers in the world, why a male pop star to select one of the famous women’s heels?

“He [Mika] grow up, there are a lot of sisters, he sees how they are obsessed with my shoes,” Louboutin explained. “He said they would be transformed by a pair of my shoes, he would like the kind of confidence and transform themselves on stage.”

Once the designer started, he eventually made a complete menswear collection inspired by the stage, which of course does not require the entire contents of Mika. So he put a choice in his bookshelf, which sold like hot cakes. Five years later, a new generation of men’s fashion and who love flowers, often metrosexuals drivers, those red soles on a lot of people find themselves.

Although his replica shoes designed to release our inner dancer, his men’s shoes seems to have found a sweet spot of performance, whether it is “well-known athletes like football players, basketball players, or singers, musicians, celebrities and actors.”

Women sexy and confident lend it seems to have in his hands the route be passed to the masculine bravado, winning fans such as Kanye West, Chris Brown and Elton John. They all pay – Louboutin replica shoes forever gift, not even celebrities.

Although his aesthetic is not directly competing more traditional men’s luxury shoe business with the country, the company hopes to make a big fight with the market, as it becomes more experimental. They wanted to send his eccentric style is never sacrificed in the process and substance of the message.

Outside Naples is a boutique family-run shoe factory, so Louboutin replica men’s shoes and boots a limited number of some models, while also providing a fair share of traditional menswear brands.

When we visit, we see the leather is carefully cut, shape and make the cheap Louboutin shoes. First, the leather craftsmen chosen by all “Mano” (hand); small alligator is selected each shoe to make sure it gets the skin, the best part of each shoe food, colors and patterns to match. Soles lined with cork, one is called “sughero” comfortable process, and then the bottom of the sole is stitched to the upper. Do not want to sacrifice rustic red paint at the end, this last one is not stitched to remain unchanged throughout the red surface. The color is applied layer after layer using natural dyes France, chose its deep patina effect and shiny leather uppers.

Designer Christian Louboutin's. Photo: Yushan METE
Designer Christian Louboutin’s. Photo: Yushan METE

When there is a slightly different design gender different methods of recognition Louboutin. A high-heeled replica shoes of architecture, woman hyperbolic arch, making it more angular from the use of a larger fabric large, flat men’s a very different animal. Men often require thicker leather than women; some prints, he noted that work better in larger pieces. However, “a combination of textures and materials surprising”, he used two sets of signatures. Attention to detail is expected to do, in Christian Louboutin Naples plant.

Model sports Procida, Italy Louboutin men's shoes.
Model sports Procida, Italy Louboutin men’s shoes.

So, we look forward to cheap Louboutin’s a man’s world? His projects range from formal to casual: velvet embroidered slippers, monk shoes with bold slip assembly and metal spikes, yes, even on the heels of even Welch. There are bright red leather high-top lace-up trainers completely covered in increase, while cognac leather and denim top Daviol flat up flat (a strange take on formal shoes) or super-shiny shoes slip-style players. These generally are not as shy and retiring type. You can see why the actor was so attracted to the wild Louboutin, innovation and creativity. Model sports Procida, Italy cheap Louboutin men’s shoes.While they’ve been doing more traditional bench-made replica leather shoes in these past seasons, the focus for the men’s collection is still centred around Louboutin’s signature style: “a mix of traditional materials, playful prints or special seasonal fabrics with advanced, highly technical applications”.

Although they have been doing more traditional desktop shoes in this past season, the focus for the men’s series is still around Louboutin’s signature style: “traditional materials, playful prints or special seasonal fabrics with advanced, Mixed use highly technical. “

And Mourot said that through “to achieve casual shoes, more formal style balanced product, there is a strong potential for the future” .Workers application patine of Christian Louboutin alligator Naples plant.

Workers apply patine of Christian Louboutin alligator Naples plant.
Workers apply patine of Christian Louboutin alligator Naples plant.

Designers frequently visit Hong Kong already has hair, an increase of 40 year-old woman sobbing girls often become fanatics in his store appearances. Perhaps this is a man’s turn fast?

We have no doubt that this new store is to do – when it comes to fashion, Hong Kong men have a bold experiment side and peacocks are champions. The timing seems right. Especially during the holiday season, red soles seem quite right, is not it?